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How many times has this happened to you?  

You’re driving past a home that has some outdoor lighting, but the bulbs are dim (or dark altogether), which has the overall effect of making the lighting design look neglected, and the home uncared-for.  Imagine that – spending all that money on lighting design, and then not being able to have it maintained at the level it deserves.

One of the most overlooked aspects of an outdoor lighting system is the cleaning of your lights. Your outdoor lighting is susceptible to Mother Nature, so it is important to clean your lighting fixtures regularly in order to extend their life and maximize the value you’re receiving from your bulbs.


Keeping the lighting system fixtures on your property clean is important for the output of light as well. Northwest Outdoor Lighting has found that outdoor fixtures require regular cleaning, maintenance and evaluation in order to maintain their brightness and luminosity. It is important to keep the lenses and fixtures clean from debris and the area around the fixtures clear of growth and tree fall, as well as making sure that any water deposits and calcification due to hard water are removed.

Additionally, Northwest Outdoor Lighting believes that thick glass lenses and fixtures made from high quality metals are best suited for the purposes of outdoor lighting and for long term use. Northwest Outdoor Lighting only uses top quality weather tested products that can, if maintained correctly, dramatically extend the life of the lights on the property.

We have learned however from our clients that some lighting design companies expect clients to maintain and upkeep their outdoor lighting on their own; not so at Northwest Outdoor Lighting! We offer a reasonably-priced maintenance assistance service to make sure your lighting system is operating at top notch levels while ensuring the art of your landscape continues to be highlighted just the way you want. To view more of our services click here.

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