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A recent report was done researching the effects that remodeling homes had on residential properties, the impact on the homeowners, and the resale value of the home. 

The National Association of Landscape Professionals and the National Association of Realtors shared these resources and we thought you might like to know too!

It’s no surprise to us, but landscape lighting was one of the top seven features you can add to upgrade your home’s value. We’ve long heard from our clients that a well-lit, artfully laid-out garden light design does wonders for their mindset when they arrive home. Pulling up and seeing quality landscape lighting that is also security conscious helps them feel safer, calmer and more at ease as they make their way from driveway to front door. (As homeowners in the Seattle area, we have personally experienced the ways that quality landscape lighting has made our home come alive and feel safe and secure in every season of the year.)

Potential buyers also felt that landscape lighting created an appeal to purchase a home and that it added value to the home purchase price. Landscape lighting designs can often make a huge difference in homes that sell over asking price. Additionally, over 50% of homeowners believed outdoor lighting improved their home and livability environment. What’s crazy – over 70% of homeowners stated they now wanted to be home more, simply because they added outdoor lighting to their property. Now that’s a stat we can behind!

Home can be a beautiful thing and when we take the time as homeowners to invest in wise upgrades, it can make a huge impact on both our own well being and the potential uptick in sale price when the home is on the market. But honestly, who would want to leave once you install a gorgeous landscape lighting system with Northwest Outdoor Lighting?

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