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Long-term care leads to a lifetime experience

As an add-on purchase to your overall outdoor lighting design and installation, we offer clients yearly upkeep to their LED systems and fixtures. A detailed, multi-step assessment of each fixture and wiring is performed assuring that the wiring is still properly buried and each light performing at their peak. We clean all glass lenses with a special solution that removes any hard water build up and brings the fixtures back to original illumination. A light trimming of foliage, repositioning of fixtures allows for foliage growth, and reburying of wiring, may be needed.

This can be scheduled during your initial installation to ensure your lighting system is operating at optimum level without ever having to worry again.

AMAZING! Mary and Craig and their team were like a choreographed dance troupe. Not only did they present us with options that fit our property but their extensive experience in the field was like going to the top physician. They knew what would work and what wouldn't. They gave us an architectural drawing of what it would look like. We ended up with almost 40 lights and the property looks like it should be in a garden magazine. They also monitor their work yearly to make sure lights are working, roots haven't messed up lights or other issues. The installation was flawless and they finished in just one day. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best we'd give them a 20!!!!!!!!!!

Richard B. from Redmond, WA

Annual Maintenance Program

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