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Carillon Point- Front view
Carillon Point- tree near sea view
Carillon Point- swimming pool
Carillon Point- pond
Carillon Point- pot near tree
Carillon Point- pine trees  on the sea view
Carillon Point- sea view
Carillon Point-bench
Carillon Point- front yard
Carillon Point- outdoor lights

Carillon Point



Outdoor lighting can be enjoyed indoors and out in this Kirkland condo residence

Who said you had to have a large yard to enjoy outdoor lighting?! This condo in Kirkland has an interesting backyard which “floats” over water! Water is ever flowing under all the walking paver stones throughout this lakeside backyard. Notice the reflections of light and the lack of glare in the water!

The backside of this condo is all glass and allows the homeowners to be able to enjoy their lighting even while inside the home. Set on an automatic system the lighting is activated at dusk and off at dawn. Wherever you are, you’ll have a lovely view of water, plantings and light without disturbing the neighbor!

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