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Carillon Point- Front view
Carillon Point- tree near sea view
Carillon Point- swimming pool
Carillon Point- pond
Carillon Point- pot near tree
Carillon Point- pine trees  on the sea view
Carillon Point- sea view
Carillon Point-bench
Carillon Point- front yard
Carillon Point- outdoor lights

Carillon Point



Outdoor lighting can be enjoyed indoors and out in this Kirkland condo residence

Nestled in the prestigious Carillon Point, this condominium's garden exemplifies a masterclass in outdoor lighting design, brilliantly executed by Northwest Outdoor Lighting, the proud recipient of the Grand Award from Washington's Association of Landscape Professionals in 2022. This Kirkland property is a harmonious blend of diverse flora and elegant water features, brought to life under the glow of thoughtfully placed lights. The lighting choices made here are not only functional, ensuring residents can navigate the enchanting space safely after dusk, but also aesthetically pleasing, creating a serene oasis that highlights the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

For an outdoor lighting designer, this award-winning setup is a testament to the skillful integration of light within a natural landscape to enhance and transform the environment. The design carefully balances the illumination between the water features and the plant life, crafting reflective surfaces that shimmer and dynamic shadows that add depth.

Carillon Point- sea view

Twilight Serenity: Award-Winning Outdoor Lighting Design at Carillon Point

The lighting design utilizes a combination of spotlights and path lights, which serve to accentuate the various textures and forms within the garden. Spotlights are strategically aimed at the trees and shrubs, enhancing the intricate shapes and foliage patterns, while the path lights ensure safe passage along the stone walkway, their soft glow harmonizing with the natural twilight.

Attention is given to the color temperature of the lights; the use of warm tones adds a cozy and tranquil feel to the outdoor space, inviting one to linger and enjoy the view of the waterscape beyond. This choice of lighting not only highlights the garden's features but also mirrors the remaining daylight, providing a seamless transition from day to night.

The design also considers the layers of light, from the foreground where the path leads the eye, to the midground where the garden's lushness is on display, and finally to the background where the building's own lighting adds depth to the scene. The overall effect is one of balance and harmony, with the lighting design enhancing the natural beauty of the garden without overpowering it, a true testament to the Northwest Outdoor Lighting's skill in creating an atmosphere that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Carillon Property-87717 (1)

Artistic Highlights: Spotlighting Sculptural Elements with Precision Lighting

This part of the property offers a charming detail of an outdoor space, highlighting the interplay of light and decorative elements. Note the strategic use of spotlights on either side of the dining room windows. These spotlights are positioned to draw the observer's focus to the centerpiece of the composition: a collection of glass balls sitting in water.

The glass orbs, with their varying sizes and swirling colors, become a focal point as they are illuminated by the spotlights, creating a spectrum of reflections and refractions that add visual interest and a touch of whimsy to the space. The spotlights have been carefully selected and placed to ensure that the light is directed precisely, avoiding any harsh glare on the windows while providing enough intensity to showcase the textures and colors of the glass.

The surrounding plants are softly lit, providing a lush backdrop that contrasts with the bright and vibrant focus on the glass balls. The choice to use spotlights in this manner enhances not only the beauty of the decorative elements but also the functionality of the space, as the light ensures clear visibility and adds to the ambiance of the dining area.

This design detail underscores the importance of lighting in creating both aesthetic appeal and practical illumination, demonstrating how light can be used to celebrate artistry and design in an outdoor setting. The overall effect is one of a carefully curated space that invites both admiration and enjoyment.

Carillon Point- pond

Ethereal Evenings: Reflections and Illuminations in a Modern Garden Terrace

The setting is a luxurious terrace that seamlessly blends modern architecture with the natural landscape. A reflective water feature edges the space, mirroring the soft glow of the underlit plants and the dusky sky above, creating a serene and contemplative ambiance.

Strategically placed lighting enhances the texture and color of the garden plants, giving life to the scene as the daylight fades. The outdoor area is equipped with comfortable seating, suggesting a perfect spot for relaxation or social gatherings. The design of the lighting is subtle yet effective, highlighting the unique structure of the bonsai-like tree in the foreground, which becomes a sculptural element in this composition.

The backdrop is a meticulously maintained hedge that provides privacy while contributing to the garden's lushness, complemented by the expansive view of the sky and distant landscape. This setting, where luxury meets nature, is designed not just to impress, but to provide an immersive outdoor experience.

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