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Dock Lighting for Water Front Properties in Seattle

Waterfront properties are a popular choice in the Seattle area. Spacious backyards and long docks surround our lakes. It’s easy to understand

Lighting Design

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Top 5 Favorite Plants to Light

With Earth Day upon us this weekend, Craig and I thought we would share our favorite plants that should be in your gardens. They also happen to be our top 5 to illuminate at night. We’re always looking for creative ways to add color and texture to landscape lighting and we believe these options will do just that! Some of the best gardens we’ve lit have been carefully planned for all hours of the day, even nighttime. When these plants are highlighted at night, they completely change the mood and visual impact of your property and give your gardens an attitude you didn’t know it had.

Gardens & Landscapes


We recently met a client whose home is automated, and he has no idea how to turn the lights on. We were trying to make repairs to his existing system and had to run extension cords to the one outlet that had power. He now needs to call a technician to update his control board and get a lesson on how to operate the controls!

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Lighting System Cleaning

How many times has this happened to you? You’re driving past a home that has some outdoor lighting, but the bulbs are dim (or dark altogether), which has the overall effect of making the lighting design look neglected, and the home uncared-for. Imagine that – spending all that money on lighting design, and then not being able to have it maintained at the level it deserves.



Landscape Lighting & Artwork

Looking to improve or add to the aesthetics of your home? Trying to figure out how to make your property really pop? One of the best ways to do so is by illuminating your landscaping! It creates warmth for visitors when they arrive. It aids security by incorporating light all around the property. You can even have fun and add touches of whimsy by illuminating artwork, signage, and water features.

Gardens & Landscapes


A recent report was done researching the effects that remodeling homes had on residential properties, the impact on the homeowners, and the resale value of the home. The National Association of Landscape Professionals and the National Association of Realtors shared these resources and we thought you might like to know too!


Bright Light Landscapes

At Northwest Outdoor Lighting we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to each client’s specific desires when it comes to their landscape lighting. Each client has his or her own unique expectations, tastes, and requests. One of the things we hear most often? “I want it bright.”


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Colored LED Lighting

Spring has sprung, and it’s all about color! Don’t you love the spring colors that are popping up everywhere? No matter what time of year or season you’re in, color is extremely important to life and tranquility.


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