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Considered by many to be the social center of the greater Seattle area, Issaquah features everything that defines the truly unique Pacific Northwest experience. Here, a rural atmosphere and small-town vibe (trolley cars run through downtown on weekends) mix easily with a progressive, cosmopolitan ethos (major employers like Boeing, Microsoft, and Costco call Issaquah home).

Neighbored by three mountain ranges (Cougar Mountain, Tiger Mountain, and Squak Mountain) collectively referred to as the Issaquah Alps, Issaquah natives and visitors have plenty to do throughout the week and the year. The area offers hiking trails throughout the Issaquah Alps, while theater aficionados can take in a show at the Village Theater. The annual award-winning Issaquah Salmon Days is a two-day festival celebrating Issaquah's history, culture, and ethnic diversity through live music events, arts and crafts conventions, a golf tournament, and other fun activities. The nearby Cougar Mountain Zoo, located near Issaquah on the north slope of Cougar Mountain, features many endangered species, as well as a reindeer festival every December. The Issaquah Salmon Hatchery is located in the cultural and geographical heart of Issaquah and is the Department of Fish and Wildlife's most visited hatchery.

Praised by Forbes and recognized both locally and nationally for its beauty and dedication to responsible environmental living, Issaquah is truly one of Washington’s great treasures.

Cougar Mountain

One of the peaks of the suburban Seattle highlands, and home to many communities such as Lakemont and Newcastle, Cougar Mountain towers over Issaquah, providing a majestic view of the area and regions beyond. Home to the Cougar Mountain Zoo, which offers the opportunity to glimpse many endangered species, the mountain also contains other species and habitats once common closer to Puget Sound. The Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park also covers over 3,000 acres and provides hiking trails throughout the park. As a result, Cougar Mountain offers a distinctive view of not only the topography and mountain ranges of Seattle, but also the unique environment and culture of Issaquah and her families and natives.

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