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Warranty Coverage - Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc. warrants the Covered Products (12v Outdoor Lights (excluding the Twinkle Globes (which have a 1-year warranty), transformers, and photocells) to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for a term of 5 years from the date of installation. This warranty extends to the original buyer (and each succussive homebuyer within warranty period). Within this 5-year period, Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc. will repair or replace the above-mentioned parts, free of charge within the first year of installation; any part proving defective in material or workmanship. All repairs or replacements must be performed by a Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc. Crew Member. After 1-year, there is service fee for crew to arrive, parts are still under warranty. All expenses related to repairing or replacing a defective part under this warranty shall be assumed by Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc.

Warranty may be extended, up to a total of 20 years, if annual maintenance service is performed. Any lapse in the maintenance schedule will reduce the warranty to the original 5-year span.

Limitation of Damages - In no event shall Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc. be held liable for consequential damages for breach of this warranty.

Warranty Exclusions - This warranty does not apply to costs, repairs, or services for the following:

  • Service calls to correct the installation of Covered Product or to explain the proper usage of installed product.
  • Repairs necessitated by use other than normal home use.
  • Damages resulting from misuse, abuse, accidents, gardeners, natural disasters, unauthorized repairs, alterations, or improper re-installation of Covered Product (not made by a Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc Crew member) void the warranty.
  • Corrective work necessitated by repairs made by anyone other than a Northwest Outdoor Lighting, Inc. Crew Member.

To obtain warranty service on your outdoor lighting system, call (425)633-6074.

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