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During our home visit consultation, we will discuss fixture options, placement of lights, and showcase how LED landscape lighting can enhance your beautiful property and increase security and ambience. You will be able to handle, feel the quality, and see the engineering of each unique light. Our consults and demonstrations are always done in person, giving you the opportunity to understand the design process, company, and the people who will be working on your property. A preliminary design plan is drawn up on site during our consultation, along with a preliminary budget. It’s important to us that your needs and budget are met without compromising the integrity and authenticity of the lighting design. During any stage, with any style, for any size: wherever you are with your outdoor lighting project, Northwest Outdoor Lighting can offer assistance.

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What are the advantages of choosing a professional service over a DIY light kit?

The entire process, starting with Mary’s excellent communication through several iterations to the final installation, was timely, smooth and totally enjoyable. I’m also delighted to learn of their maintenance program and to know there will be a continuing relationship with a great local company.

Patricia W. from Green Lake, Seattle, WA

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