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We are a Seattle –based boutique that is committed to collaboration and communication. Our attention to detail with our designs, USA made products with a 20-year warranty, and stellar installation techniques provide you a complete package for outdoor lighting. As your landscape lighting designer and installer, we can offer how-to’s on products, tips, trends, and technical expertise.      
Northwest Outdoor Lighting has over 20 years combines of designing and installing low voltage lighting systems. 
Depending on the project size and areas you want lit, it’s often helpful you us bring into the conversation early on. We’ll be able to tell you where conduit should be laid under concrete walkways, driveways, pillars, etc. making installation easier. 
Either Mary, Craig or Max, will arrive (sometime as a team) to learn about your desires and consult on what your perfect landscape lighting system might look like. 
Craig and Max are always on site during installations. They do all of our installations. Sometimes other crew members might be with them if the project size requires it. 
We are extremely detailed about your installation! All work is done by hand and we strive to leave your property as we found it or better. The only thing you’ll notice after we have installed your lighting, is that at night you’ll have incredible lighting!
Depending on the size of the design, an install can require 1-5 days. You will be alerted prior to our arrival on how long we plan to be there. If installation complications or difficult weather arises that make it difficult to finish the project that day, we will notify you. 
Most LED lighting fixtures we use are hand made in the USA and carry the manufacturer’s warranty. If there is a problem with your system, please reach out. Within, 48 hours, usually earlier, we’ll stop by and investigate the problem. Many fixtures can be repaired on site, if not, we’ll replace the fixture with a brand new one. 
That usually is the case. Great illumination is addictive! We plan for your addiction by designing and installation for potential add-ons. Because we create a computer schematic for each client, it is easy for us to discuss over the phone what areas you’d like to add to. 
A Light Emitting Diode – LED – is a microchip that emits light when a small amount of energy is applied. LEDs can produce different colors of light including white light comparable to compact fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent bulbs.
The color tone we use is called warm white, in LED terms, it is between 2700K and 3000K or Kelvins. The word kelvin defines the color temperature output of the bulb. The higher the number, the bluer it will look. For instance, a candle represents 1900K while Kelvins can go all the way up to 10,000K. This is a great time to add that all exterior lights should be matching in color tone. So while we don’t install front door lights or garage lamps, all bulbs should be uniform in color. 
Watts measure energy used. The lower the wattage, the less energy needed to emit light. Watts do not measure brightness or appearance, lumens do. Lumens measure how much light the eye sees and how far it will go.   
LED’s greatly extend lamp life, eliminating frequent replacement, which make them ideal for hard to reach places. It’s usually the last thing on the “To Do” list to replace a bulb that is outside in the far corner of the yard. LED’s also significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising light level. The cost of running outdoor lighting is greatly reduced. Also, LED’s are available in multiple color temperatures while halogens are only available in one color tone. Our LED fixtures also come with 20,000hr to 50,000hr lifespans and a 20- year warranty.
Compared to halogen bulbs, LED’s produce little heat. Very little heat is on the surface of the fixture; however, heat is produced in the driver board. This needs to be addressed correctly by the manufacturer. Our outdoor lighting fixtures all have heat dispersion built into them for long life and that’s why the manufacturer can offer such a great 20-year warranty, not all suppliers can say that. 
LED has fast become the leader in lighting. With new cutting edge technology and components completely sealed, LED is a greener option, consuming less energy and lasting longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. It's just the better choice for our clients and we strive to provide the best.
A professional landscape lighting designer has many hours of experience that they can draw from to create that perfect look! A professional designer/installer will also give you numerous ideas for placements that are unique in design. Not only does a professional have superior product to use, but the quality of the lighting far surpasses anything you could purchase from a box in a store. A landscape lighting professional will also ensure that installation is to code, adhering to exact specifications for longevity and consistent illumination. A professional will also be available should you need any service in the future. 


Elevate your outdoor lighting.

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