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We're detail-oriented enthusiasts who stand by our word. Punctual and a little perfectionistic, we strive to provide our clients with an out-of-this-world experience. Our team is made of up family members who laugh over mom's pot roast or gather around dad's firepit. We're a tight crew but are dedicated to providing Seattle homeowners with a beautifully lit property that from start to finish expresses our values and exhibits our care for our clients. 




Mary is a professional outdoor lighting designer with more than 12 years of experience from which she draws to create and install a personalized look inspired by the client’s dreams and desires. Her goal is to provide each customer an individually unique, high functioning, properly designed outdoor lighting landscape which provides great illumination all year round. Her method includes a thorough consultation, creative and unique, with second-to-none customer service.

An avid reader, born traveler, and inquisitive by nature, Mary is constantly educating herself for the benefit of her clients. When not working for her clients, she’s on her acreage gardening (both vegetable and flower beds) or tending her hive of bees – evidence that everything she puts her hands to, grows in beauty. A mother to 4 wonderful children and 9 grandchildren, she considers herself blessed. She also enjoys sharing her love of food with her family, friends, and clients. Explore this list of Mary's favorite restaurants here.

Her favorite lighting project to date is the Marymoor Park Property. The ponds and waterfalls on this property are unlike anything Northwest Outdoor Lighting has designed and installed before. The pictures do not do it justice and we have an amazing photographer!

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Craig is our Commercial Lighting Designer. Working with contractors and blueprints, he can help guide and advice the lighting design and installation with expertise. He loves a challenge and is meticulous in his thought processes concerning large concepts. He is always seeking to create an ambiance that provides the client with more than they asked for.

Craig is a mixed bag of diverse talents – from analyzing multi-million dollar business portfolios to building homes, discussing Ferrari engines to mentoring a lost soul, Craig lives life to the fullest. When he’s not working with Northwest Outdoor Lighting, you’ll find him putting the finishing touches on their complete home renovation that Craig did by hand. His perfect week includes biking the trails of the PNW, driving his Porsche to Mercury’s Coffee for a Chai Tea Latte, and playing with the grandkids.

Craig’s memorable property is the Snohomish Residence. The owners have been avid gardeners for decades and the property shows it! During any season, the acreage is teeming with color and the eye is drawn to points of intrigue throughout. Whenever the clients call for upgrades or maintenance, Mary is only allowed to schedule Craig for the job.

Northwest Outdoor Lighting


Max is onsite to assure the customer experience is top notch. He takes the design schematic and creates the reality that Mary and Craig had on paper. Lights, wiring, tools, etc are all present and ready for installation. Working side by side with Zach, they handle much of the physical labor that goes into making the perfect landscape lighting design truly extraordinary. With his charming demeanor, he is also the point person for all customer communication while onsite. 

Max is also the creative force behind our lighting designs, blending innovation with a deep appreciation for the aesthetic and functional harmony of outdoor spaces. His approach to design is both imaginative and meticulously detailed, ensuring that each piece is not just a source of light but a work of art that enhances its surroundings. Max's patience is legendary; he views each project as a unique challenge, dedicating time and thought to perfect every element. His passion for crafting solutions that marry beauty with sustainability sets him apart as a visionary in the world of outdoor lighting.

A young man of many talents, Max has studied the culinary arts, become a licensed Yoga instructor, and is also a gym enthusiast. When he’s not working on projects, you can often find him walking his beloved dog, Addie.

Max’s favorite property is the West Seattle Waterfront. The property challenged him due to the installation techniques that were needed and further cemented his love for lighting.

Northwest Outdoor Lighting


Zach is our Lead Technical Installer. He has expertise in all facets of construction having worked in the industry for over 20 years. A genius on the field, he can handle any difficulty that comes his way. Working side by side with his brother, Max, they collaborate to bring our customers a unique and custom lighting installation. As a metal fabricator, he also can design any specialty items that we need to make the lighting design customized and perfect. 

He is also our master light craftsman bringing an unmatched level of dedication and precision to every piece he creates. Known for his hardworking nature, Zach approaches each project with a thoughtful consideration that is evident in the meticulous detail of his work. Before making a single cut, he meticulously plans and evaluates, ensuring that each element of the design is executed with perfection. Zach's commitment to excellence and his thoughtful approach to craftsmanship make each of our lighting fixtures not just functional pieces but true works of art. His passion for quality and attention to detail embody the essence of our brand's commitment to outstanding craftsmanship.

Zach is family man who loves the outdoors, working on his vintage cars, and any other hobby that peaks his interest. A collector of a wide variety of things. If you have a need, he might just have it in his garage. An avid reader of the obscure.

His favorite property is Salish Lodge where he and his wife love to visit. This iconic local landmark is stunning and rich with history.

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Katie is our marketing director. She develops our ad campaigns, builds brand awareness, and manages all of our digital content. Katie has come in like a breath of fresh air, always expanding our online presence and encouraging us to take new territory. She keeps us on point and we’d be lost without her!

Katie is a country girl living in the big city of Los Angeles. A mother of three young ladies and the wife of a writer/director, you’ll usually find her in the garden getting her hands dirty or cooking a homemade meal. She’s grateful for the mountain views she has, the beach bluffs of Malibu and the sun that shines on repeat.

Katie consistently refers back to the Suncadia Property. Designed by Olson Kundig, this home has a presence, especially now that lighting has been added. She tries not to rely on the images too often to show her bias.

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Melissa is our bookkeeper and has been since the beginning of NWOL’s formation. She has a banking background and began climbing the corporate ladder in 2002. She went from teller to mortgage representative to management. She then left that world to raise her 4 children at home and enjoy their snuggles. Once they were busy with school, she began to slowly get back into that world and now has over 20+ clients she bookkeeps for. Well versed in all things Quickbooks, we’re grateful for her Type A personality that keeps us in line and above board with all our financials.

Melissa loves cooking, especially the food she can gather from her garden. Don’t be surprised to find her dressing the meat her husband brings home. They love to live off the land!

Her favorite project is the Hollywood Hills Residence. Not only was it a stunning reveal but it reminds her of her wedding since she got married at the Hollywood Schoolhouse nearby.

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