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Marymoor park - pond
Marymoor park - trees near pond
Marymoor park -flowing water design
Marymoor park -pathway stone
Marymoor park -back yard
Marymoor park -lawn
Marymoor park -light fixture
Marymoor park -lights design with chairs
Marymoor park - relaxing area

Marymoor Park Residence



Submersible lights designed for an immersive water feature enhance security and beauty at Marymoor Park Residence

This immersive water feature experience is like nothing we’ve ever seen or lit before!

This large water feature circumstance is at least 40 feet wide with multiple waterfalls and viewing vignettes. Each sitting area provides a different experience. Some areas are purposefully darker and more intimate than others. You can walk from the patio area to the firepit, situated in the back corner. Then from the sitting area and back to the patio all while enjoying this beautiful experience. Never fearing that you'll fall in!

During their evening consultation, the homeowners were greatly involved. They even chose specific fixtures. With our design guidance, we included various color tones for high impact and minimal light glare. We used multiple uplights, path lights and submersible lights in a mixture of 2700 K (Kelvin). We also used the Sunset tone in the water feature to create a waterscape that was relaxing.

That's the beauty of hiring Northwest Outdoor Lighting. You can choose how involved you want to be. Our designers are flexible! We know we'll select the best products based on function and aesthetics. But having homeowners get involved in the design process means you'll love it that much more!

The extensive backyard lawn and trees were also lit with flush in-grade well lights. This makes mowing and lawn care so much easier. Highlighting the tall evergreens creates a safe environment for when the puppies need to go out at night. No scary animals are lurking in dark corners now. Path lights have been added to all the walkways.

After having the water feature unlit for years, the water feature has now become the homeowner’s pride and joy!

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