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Located on the shores of Lake Washington just east of Seattle, no city in the Puget Sound region has as many waterfront parks and beaches as Kirkland, a vibrant waterfront destination with an unparalleled blend of outdoor recreation, art, dining and boutique shopping. Home to Carillon Point, Kirkland's great waterfront gateway, Kirkland also features award-winning hotels, wineries and restaurants and sponsors a dynamic repertoire of events spanning art openings and performances to athletic events, wine festivals and outdoor concerts.

The Kirkland Performance Center hosts a number of performing arts events, while the Kirkland Arts Center, located in the historic Peter Kirk Building on Market Street, provides classes, workshops and community-oriented gallery space. During the summer, local residents of neighboring cities flock to Kirkland to visit Kirkland's many waterfront parks on Lake Washington; the parks are linked by a paved trail, which is open until dusk. Juanita Beach Park is another of Kirkland’s major tourist attractions.

Since we mentioned Carillon Point earlier, we should point out this beautiful luxury condo in the area. Providing outdoor lighting services to breathtaking properties such as this are just cherry on top for us sometimes. 


Initially established as a resort community with the building of the Juanita Beach Resort in the 1920s, Juanita is located along the northeast edge of Lake Washington, and is home to a number of parks, including Juanita Bay Park, Juanita Beach Park, and the Juanita Woodlands.

In 1928, an expanded Juanita Beach opened for tourists and drew families and visitors from all over Western Washington with its attractions, including an amusement park. Current events hosted by the Juanita neighborhood include the Juanita Friday Market, a weekly open-air market starting its tenth year. The market provides a community gathering place and opportunity to purchase freshly harvested crops, meet farmers, discover unique arts and crafts and enjoy live entertainment.

This home in Juanita actually gave us our first landscape lighting award. Between the massive hillside, breathtaking water feature, and beautiful firepit area, Northwest Outdoor Lighting's services were able to bring this property to life. 

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