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Bridle trails-pathway leading to entrance door
Bridle trails-garage
Bridle trails-front lawn
Bridle trails-front view
Bridle trails-pine trees
Bridle trails-vine garden
Bridle trails-steps leading to entrance door
Bridle trails-front view
Bridle trails-pine trees

Bridle Trails



The lodge in the movie White Christmas comes to Bellevue

Northwest Outdoor Lighting presents an exemplary illustration of how well-executed illumination can transform a residence into a showcase of elegance and warmth. The lighting design emphasizes the home's architectural beauty by highlighting the strong lines of the roof eaves and the stonework that frames the windows and entryway, creating an inviting ambiance.

The gentle wash of light on the cedar under the soffit gives the space a rich, golden hue, accentuating the texture of the wood and providing a striking contrast to the cooler tones of the stone. Path lights have been installed along the driveway, offering a guiding glow that ensures safe passage while also drawing attention to the intricate paving pattern.

Garden lights appear to be carefully placed to both reveal the lush landscaping and cast a serene glow on the property, creating pockets of light and shadow that give the scene depth and dimension. The overall effect is one of balance and harmony, where the lighting not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the natural beauty of the outdoor space. This home is not just well-lit; it's a testament to the power of lighting in crafting an inviting and luxurious atmosphere.



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Bridle trails-pine trees in the lawn

Illuminating Elegance: A Beacon of Light in Bellevue's Residential Design

The wash lights installed along the steps are subtly positioned to cast light sideways, reducing glare and ensuring that each step is gently illuminated. This not only ensures safety for those navigating the steps after dark but also showcases the texture and color of the materials used in the stair construction.

The towering evergreens, which are a defining feature of the property, are dramatically uplit. This uplighting technique not only showcases their majestic presence but also casts intriguing shadows that contribute to the home's curb appeal. The light creates an interplay of brightness and darkness, highlighting the evergreens' texture and shape while underscoring their importance in the landscape design.

The lighting around these evergreens serves a dual purpose: it magnifies their stature, making them visually commanding elements that frame the home's façade, and it enhances the property's visibility from the street, giving it a prominent and impressive presence in the neighborhood. This attention to detail in lighting design not only highlights the home's architectural features but also accentuates the natural beauty of the evergreens, providing a welcoming sight that is both functional and artistically pleasing.

Bridle trails-parking area

Artistic Illumination: Transforming Functionality into Elegance with Precision Lighting

The garage doors of this residence are not merely functional elements but canvases brought to life through meticulous lighting. Mini well lights are carefully placed directly in front of each door, a deliberate choice that elevates the doors from utilitarian to artistic. The precise positioning of the lights casts an even, soft glow that accentuates the texture and color of the doors, drawing attention to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship.

The driveway, too, benefits from this thoughtful lighting approach. The illumination from the well lights not only serves to guide vehicles but also creates a visual pathway that leads the eye toward the architectural grandeur of the home. It showcases the expansive breadth of the driveway, highlighting the intricate pattern of the paving and the seamless integration of the garage doors into the overall design of the facade.

Such lighting does more than just reveal; it transforms the nighttime landscape into a symphony of light and shadow, where even the most functional elements play a crucial role in the aesthetic experience of the property. The garage doors, under this designer's touch, become points of interest, contributing to the home's allure and the harmonious design narrative.

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