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Snohomish Residence- garden
Snohomish Residence-light post in the garden
Snohomish Residence- Side path
Snohomish Residence-side path
Snohomish Residence- steps down to lawn
Snohomish Residence- trees
Snohomish Residence-pathway near the tree
Snohomish Residence-garden
Snohomish Residence- tree
Snohomish Residence-pine trees
Snohomish Residence-mid level garden

Snohomish Residence



Bringing light to every angle at this Snohomish Residence

After living in their home for nearly 30 years, these clients decided that they were ready for outdoor lighting. We worked closely with the clients to hear their desired objective in installing lighting and what the end result would look like. After demonstrating how the fixtures illuminate in the evening, we adjusted the intensity and placement before installing so that we had the perfect look when we finished!

A very large property like this has many opportunities to illuminate and we evaluated each angle so that it not only looked great, but there was no light glare in your eyes. We have since added a few more fixtures because once you see how beautiful your gardens look you’ll want to see what this plant or that plant will look like with light! The simple Huckleberry stumps are the clients favorite! There are so many visual spots on this property, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

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