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The Highlands Residence

Shoreline, WA


The Resplendent Realm: Lumière Haven Estate

This majestic residence in Seattle's esteemed Highlands Community is a testament to the transformative power of landscape lighting. As a designer, one can appreciate how each luminary is strategically placed to not only navigate the grandeur of the property but also to craft a warm, inviting atmosphere. The lighting accentuates the architectural features, from the charming gables to the elegant entrance, creating a subtle interplay of light and shadow that invites the eye to linger. The soft, amber glow cast upon the façade highlights the texture of the walls and the verdant ivy, while the ground fixtures illuminate the pathways, providing both beauty and function.

The symmetry of light along the driveway creates a sense of order and sophistication, leading to a central fountain that serves as the crown jewel of this outdoor space. The ambient lighting around the fountain adds a serene glow that mirrors the sky's natural twilight. Each lighting choice is deliberate, showcasing the residence’s stately presence and the lushness of the Seattle landscape. This is landscape lighting that not only illuminates but also enhances, perfectly embodying the harmony between nature and man-made elegance.

The gentle illumination accentuates the natural hues and textures of the garden, creating a captivating tableau against the evening sky. Notice how each fixture is carefully positioned to highlight the sculptural forms of the shrubbery and trees, enhancing the depth and dimension of the space.

The lighting draws the eye to the rhythmic patterns of the hedges and the soft, organic edges of the foliage, while the strategic placement along the walkway ensures a welcoming path of warmth leading to the tranquil pool area. The backdrop of the breathtaking mountain range is framed by the silhouettes of the majestic trees, with the ambient light providing a serene glow that accentuates the breathtaking view.

In this setting, the landscape lighting isn't just functional; it's an essential component of the visual experience, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Seattle Highlands and the panoramic views it offers. The design not only showcases the luxury of the residence but also harmonizes with the grandeur of its surroundings, creating a peaceful oasis that glows with understated elegance.


Cobblestone Glow: The Illuminated Welcome of the Highlands Estate

The warm, soft glow of the ground fixtures washes over the cobblestone driveway, creating an inviting ambiance that beckons visitors to enter. The strategic placement of the lights not only enhances the texture and pattern of the brickwork but also creates a dramatic yet inviting entrance. The focal point, an elegant fountain, is delicately illuminated, casting a serene light that ripples across the surface of the water. The surrounding foliage is gently backlit to create depth and contrast, highlighting the natural beauty of the trees and shrubs without overpowering them.


The Illuminated Journey: Gateway to the Highlands Gem

The lighting fixtures discreetly tucked into the flora create a magical ambiance, allowing the greenery to come alive with depth and vibrancy. The symmetry of the pathway lights adds a sense of balance and grace, guiding visitors toward the home's entrance with an almost ethereal allure. The lights also emphasize the architectural details and the stonework, further integrating the man-made elements with the natural environment.


Twilight Serenity: The Highlands' Poolside Splendor

The pool area is transformed into a tranquil retreat with the reflective surface mirroring the sky and the surrounding lights. Soft lighting around the pool ensures safety while maintaining the ambiance. Notice the subtle interplay of light and reflection, which adds depth and a sense of tranquility to the space.

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