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West Seattle- view down to the sea
West Seattle- steps to the front entrance
West Seattle- stairs up to the entrance
West Seattle- pine trees near fence
West Seattle- side path
West Seattle- mid level garden
West Seattle- parking space
West Seattle-side path
West Seattle-step near side garden
West Seattle-table on the beach side
West Seattle- bench on the sea view
West Seattle-steps down to sea view

West Seattle Property

West Seattle

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Simple, modern, and sleek design collaboration with Tim Rhodes Architecture at West Seattle residence

This collaboration with architect, Tim Rhodes and his team, resulted in a striking marriage of design and illumination. Creating a modern landscape lighting design for this home in West Seattle began over 2 years ago. With complete trust in our abilities and work ethic, he handed the client over to us to create a modern landscape lighting design that emphasized his designs and artistry. We made sure that proper pre-construction work was added prior to our installing lights, so we weren’t shoehorning our designs into an established landscape, but rather simply incorporating and integrating our approach with the designers’. We chose a few simple, modern lights with a sleek design. This kept the architecture of the home the main focal point while also highlighting a few key design elements that popped when the sun went down.

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