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Guide to Choosing Marine Dock Lights for Safety and Elegance

At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, our priority is your peace of mind. Proper dock lighting not only ensures safe navigation and docking but also enriches the beauty of your waterfront property.

Lighting Design


High-End Landscape Lighting for Luxurious Homes

Northwest Outdoor Lighting specializes in creating and installing custom landscape lighting designs for residential and commercial properties. Nationally awarded and recognized for our landscape lighting designs and techniques, we combine innovation and creativity to enhance the landscape and architecture.

Lighting Design


As landscape lighting professionals, we at Northwest Outdoor Lighting know that landscape lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. However, there are so many options when it comes to design that some clients can feel overwhelmed. As design experts, we know that different locations require different approaches to design. We consider it a gift and an opportunity to create lighting designs that perfectly compliment the design of our clients’ homes.

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Pre-Construction Consult

One of our favorite things to hear from a new client is, “I’m in the planning stages of building my property and wanted your opinion.” We love getting invited into the process early, and dreaming with our clients to help them create and achieve their ultimate lighting goals.

Lighting Design


The Finishing Touches

Deciding to build your own home is quite the undertaking! Once you find your “perfect” property, now you have to decide on the home style, color choices, door knob selections, etc. Usually by the time the home is built the homeowners are tapped out and the bank is beyond broke. This leaves the landscaping much to be desired or even on the back burner for a year or two.

Lighting Design


Looks like we’ll need to add more wall space to our office, because we’re the recipients of the “Award of Distinction ” for the THIRD year in a row! Washington Association of Landscape Professionals has been leading the way in honoring the hardworking professionals in the landscape industry, and we’re proud to be recognized alongside our peers.

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Throughstone Group

The Throughstone Group was a collection of collaborators, designers, and thinkers, all working on landscape design together. We worked across disciplines to create an integrated approach to design, working solid metals, water, and fire into all our projects. The highest-profile project we collaborated on together was this project in Durango, CO, where Northwest Outdoor Lighting was able to highlight the hand-crafted stonework and unique design sensibility of the other designers.

Lighting Design

Lake Washington Home-steps to swimming pool

Landscape Lighting Benefits

If you're looking to enhance your home's exterior and create a warm and inviting ambiance, consider investing in landscape lighting today.

Lighting Design

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