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Embracing Simplicity and Innovation: Outdoor Lighting Control Solutions

Northwest Outdoor Lighting is dedicated to installing outdoor lighting that suits your control preferences. We navigate the latest in home automation technology while appreciating the unbeatable simplicity of traditional solutions like photo cells.



Boost Your Home's Value with Professional Landscape Lighting

A well-designed outdoor lighting system not only makes a home more inviting but also contributes to a sense of security and well-being for homeowners.



At Northwest Outdoor Lighting we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to each client’s specific desires when it comes to their landscape lighting. Each client has his or her own unique expectations, tastes, and requests. One of the things we hear most often? “I want it bright.”

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Colored LED Lighting

Spring has sprung, and it’s all about color! Don’t you love the spring colors that are popping up everywhere? No matter what time of year or season you’re in, color is extremely important to life and tranquility.



Direct Lighting vs. Indirect Lighting

There are a variety of lighting decisions for you to consider when selecting the correct outdoor landscape lighting intensity – in fact, as many as when selecting your indoor lighting. When lighting a piece of art or a kitchen countertop, you’re always juggling the purpose of the lighting design, as well as other factors including fixture options, fixture positions, esthetics, ambiance, mood, type of light, color of light, angle of light, reflective beam/range, reflective impact, down lighting, up lighting and many more.


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At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, our clients are looking to install landscape lighting for a variety of reasons. Certainly they want to accentuate their home’s beauty, or emphasize aspects of their property that may otherwise be overlooked. But another strong reason clients seek landscape lighting is because of security. With the holidays coming, thieves are out in full force, looking for easy jobs to pull. The darkness of your property may offer thieves just such an opportunity.


Should I Retrofit My Bulbs for LED?

LED lights have recently become all the rage for homeowners and landscape lighting designers. There’s lots of good reasons for this; LED lights are cooler, brighter, and more energy-efficient, and can offer homeowners both a higher-value lighting system and a cooler lighting scale overall. Many clients are looking to upgrade their existing lighting systems, and wondering if they can retrofit LED bulbs into their standard landscape lighting sockets. We strongly advise our clients against this, for a few reasons.



LED Outdoor Lighting

What Is LED Outdoor Lighting? Currently all the rage for everyone from car drivers to homeowners, these lights typically use 75% less energy and will bring a substantial savings to the US energy demand as well as your personal home energy savings. However, we have found that there is still a great deal of confusion and uncertainty about these lights, so we wanted to share information that could shed some light on the subject (pun intended!).


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