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Light Up Your Summer

It’s summer time, and with the onset of summer comes barbeques, outdoor picnics, pool parties and holiday cookouts. In addition to the food, friends and family that bring people together, have you thought about the role that great ambience can play in a great summer party?



Ensuring Quality in Landscape Lighting: Your Guide to Excellence

A new client the other day asked us how he could be sure he was purchasing quality landscape lighting. We didn’t blame him for asking; a lot of companies out there make big promises but unfortunately don’t deliver. These lighting companies can reflect poorly on our business and industry as a whole.


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A recent study of homes in New York claims that the presence of outdoor illumination can decrease your chances of a break-in by almost 40%! Not only does outdoor lighting make your property shine with beauty, but it can also impact your home’s security and your peace of mind.

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Color Tones in Outdoor Lights

At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, we often find that clients take for granted the type of bulbs and wattages they buy at either a local hardware store or their favorite home store. Who can blame them? We’re all busy, and often overwhelmed by the selection or distracted by the rush to get things done, so people often just grab whatever bulbs are there. As a result, we miss out on an important part of the way we experience our homes – especially when it comes to color outdoor lights.


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