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It’s summer time, and with the onset of summer comes barbecues, outdoor picnics, pool parties and holiday cookouts. 

In addition to the food, friends and family that bring people together, have you thought about the role that great ambience can play in a great summer party? The right lighting can often turn an already-fun summer gathering or get-together into an event that is truly magical. It’s amazing how just a little creativity and ingenuity can add some serious wow factor, with breathtaking results that your guests – and you! – can enjoy all summer long.

Over the years Northwest Outdoor Lighting has prided ourselves on being able to meet the needs of clients for safety and security, while still giving them a relaxing atmosphere where guests can feel at home late into the evening hours. Looking to give your outdoor grill the proper illumination? We know how to give you just the right level of brightness. Have a firepit you want to feature without overwhelming your property with light? We know how to provide pools of light that can give everything the right balance. Want to make the dining area a warm and inviting space? The right lighting design can draw guests in and help them feel welcome and invited.

With so many lighting options to choose from, whether it be pathlights or the smallest 1 inch LED light to place discreetly in deck railings, the party can last all night and the clean up can be easy! For more inspiration, scroll through these projects that have clients enjoying the evening air.

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