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Spring has sprung, and it’s all about color! Don’t you love the spring colors that are popping up everywhere? 

No matter what time of year or season you’re in, color is extremely important to life and tranquility.

In fact, so important is color to our lives that an interesting article by Taylor & Francis about the mood of people working indoors says, “the light and color of the workplace itself had an influence on the mood of persons working there.” If color does influence our mood, don’t you want to create a great environment for your visitors and guests from the moment they set foot on your property?

We are constantly educating our clients to notice the color of their outdoor light bulbs. Keeping them all in the same color tone (we have found warm white to be the most pleasant and, as a result, the most requested by our clients) creates a relaxing, consistent, inviting vibe for all.


If warm white fixtures aren’t your preference, another option that clients will sometimes request is specialized colored lights. Clients have chosen their favorite sports team colors, national colors or simply their favorite color. With a variety of products available, you might select from a saturated, permanent true color fixture, or a fixture that allows you to change color by adding colored disks on top of the fixtures, as your tastes (or the seasons) change. This product may not provide you the same level of intensity as a permanent fixture, but it does offer variety by changing out lenses.

Whatever your tastes or intentions may be, we love the ability to help clients bring out all the possibilities of their property.

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