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A recent study of homes in New York claims that the presence of outdoor illumination can decrease your chances of a break-in by almost 40%!

Not only does outdoor lighting make your property shine with beauty, but it can also impact your home’s security and your peace of mind.

As I read this study, I was reminded of the many clients we have who initially called us because of an intrusion scare or an actual intrusion. Often when we arrive at these homes for our consult, we’re not surprised to see why an intrusion happened. Between dark, unlit corners and large un illuminated shrubbery, it can be easy for intruders not to be seen!

Come December when it is dusk at 4pm, it can be difficult to see those front steps to the door. Trying to eliminate any chance of a fall for evening company is number one. One may have a porch light on, but this does little to brighten up a driveway 100 feet away. There are many fixtures with variable “wattage” brightness that one can select which is best for a specific application. Older clients like it bright to see steps, stairs and pathways. Others choose to have a softer tone or fewer fixtures. Some clients like the taller path lights that create a 12 foot puddle of light. Others select the 2 inch path light that just grazes the walkway, but is nearly discreet in presence. Being able to select which fixture best suits our clients’ design style is extremely important to them.

Unsure of what’s around that corner? We make homes uninviting for the uninvited! Being blinded by motion lights as you get close to the door is annoying. Instead we place low light fixtures all around and create an ambient look without light in your eyes. The client may not be walking down the side path to the backyard, but does want it illuminated and not pitch black. Coming home late at night and having the lights on is a welcoming feature that all enjoy.

Our design philosophy is that full coverage outdoor lighting makes your home inviting to friends, but also un-inviting to the un-invited! This does not mean that your home needs to look like an airport – we don’t like high intensity lighting any more than our clients do! Rather, with soft subtle lighting strategically and artistically placed around the property, intruders will think twice before troubling you. After all, if your neighbor’s home is dark and yours is well lit, where do you think the intruder will go first?

An added benefit of outdoor lighting is that it assists your security cameras, if you have them. As reflective lighting specialists, we use the reflection of the light off the pavement and walkways to add light throughout the area. Light reflecting off the ground allows the cameras to capture more detail on video. We’ve also had many customers who will purposefully spend time outside at night just to be able to see their beautiful landscape highlighted by warm light. Going out for a drive at night just to be able to return and view their home as visitors do is not uncommon! When you place light from one end of the home to the other, your footprint of your home has stretched and becomes larger than if it were to remain in the dark. Being able to show the details and angles of the architecture along with the landscaping is a highlight of many of our clients.

Most of our clients want exterior illumination either for beauty or security. We keep both these priorities in mind when we are designing your landscape lighting, and pride ourselves on our designs that are both aesthetically pleasing to friends and neighbors, while being a deterrent to any uninvited guests. Browse our past projects page, see some of our other illuminated properties, and then let us walk you through the best way to design your lighting for both peace of mind and satisfaction in your home.

Whether you’re concerned about safety, security or just want to see your beautiful investment, contact us today.

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