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Illuminate Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Looking to elevate your home's aesthetics or add distinctive features to make your property stand out? One effective strategy is through creatively illuminating your landscaping. Outdoor lighting not only welcomes visitors with warmth but also enhances security by lighting up the entire property. Furthermore, it allows you to infuse your space with personality, whether by highlighting artwork, signage, or water features.

For instance, a quirky find—a red lattice umbrella stand from an estate sale—became an unexpected garden highlight when installed upside down with a Mini Cube fixture inside, casting a charming glow through its lattice work.


Similarly, a piece of history—a rusted steel sheet discovered on our property—was repurposed as an artistic backdrop, illuminated by a subtle uplight, proving that beauty often lies in the eyes of the beholder, ready to be revealed with just the right lighting.


Bring Art to Light

Outdoor lighting isn't confined to landscapes. Art pieces that resonate with you can also be enjoyed after sunset. Custom sculptures, like those we've illuminated in collaboration with Seattle Solstice, showcase creativity and uniqueness, allowing your garden to mirror your personal taste distinctly.

Adding to our gallery of "must have" illuminated art, Matt Gagnon's glass sculptures offer a mesmerizing visual experience. The interplay of light through the textured, colorful glass creates an ethereal glow, transforming gardens into magical spaces. Gagnon's work, characterized by intricate designs and vibrant hues, brings a modern and sophisticated touch to outdoor lighting, inviting admiration and contemplation.


Craig is placing a dimmable, hidden lighting system inside this sculpture, made by Seattle Solstice, to create a night time glow effect.

Personalized Signage

Beyond art and landscapes, consider lighting up your home’s signage. A well-lit street address not only personalizes your property but also guides visitors. Opt for engraved numbers or flush lettering to avoid shadows that raised lettering might cast, ensuring your address is visible and legible at night.

From my own experience, a laser-cut steel address sign with a frosted lens over the numbers softly illuminates the entrance, blending functionality with design. 

Outdoor lighting extends your home’s personality into the garden, inviting you to express your passions beyond the confines of indoor spaces. At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, we relish the opportunity to bring such unique projects to light, celebrating authenticity and creativity.

Transform Your Space

Outdoor lighting offers infinite possibilities to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Whether it's through strategic landscape lighting, personalized art installations, or practical yet stylish signage, the right lighting choices can transform your property into a reflection of your unique style and preferences.

Explore more outdoor lighting ideas and inspirations on our blog, and discover how to bring your outdoor spaces to life with light. If you'd like to move forward with Northwest Outdoor Lighting and schedule a consultation, please click here. 

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