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Carnation Home- falls design front view
Carnation Home- pathway going to the entrance door
Carnation Home- front yard
Carnation Home-steps
Carnation Home- side path
Carnation Home- rocks on the garden
Carnation Home- two post design near entrance
Carnation Home- pathway going to the garden
Carnation Home-trees
Carnation Home- backyard
Carnation Home- lawn
Carnation Home- front yard

Carnation Home



Jewel of the neighborhood in Sammamish featuring subtle accents on architecture and landscape elements

In the wandering neighborhood of Carnation, a full 360-degree lighting experience elevates this gorgeous property. It now features subtle accents on architecture, featured plantings and landscape elements. The homeowners have remarked how much they enjoy taking the puppy out for his evening walk. It now exudes resort like qualities without having to leave.

The driveway gates open up to reveal mini well lights outlining the edge of the driveway. They highlight the foliage overhanging moss covered stone walls. A main complaint was that delivery trucks were constantly hitting path lights that edged the driveway. That will no longer happen with a design that makes sense. Path lights should never line your driveway! The tall hedges are nicely illuminated from the mini well lights. This also removes the need to carve holes in the hedge for the old path lights.

The main entrance to the home is flanked by two stone lions. These were lit with lights embedded into the cement for a clean look. Steel bollards cast shadows of light into the driveway parking area. It adds a playful look.

We added brass path lights to all the walkways. This casts puddles of light onto walkways and plantings. There had previously been old lighting in the cement walkways. Rather than charge a fee for removing and repairing the walkway, we repurposed the wiring. Ceramic pots with lighting inside create a mood that elevates and surprises.

Several tall trees were highlighted with 6-watt LED uplights. Enough to illuminate the canopy but not enough to ruin the night sky!

There are three different water features on this property. Each have multiple submersible fixtures. The waterfalls all show off their cascading nature. A soft glow hovers over the ponds.

Unique root art makes an immediate statement with orange/red lights. It mimics flames of fire.

On the back patio, the outdoor lighting shows off its best features.

This home has now become a crown jewel in the neighborhood!

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