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Carnation Home- falls design front view
Carnation Home- pathway going to the entrance door
Carnation Home- front yard
Carnation Home-steps
Carnation Home- side path
Carnation Home- rocks on the garden
Carnation Home- two post design near entrance
Carnation Home- pathway going to the garden
Carnation Home-trees
Carnation Home- backyard
Carnation Home- lawn
Carnation Home- front yard

Carnation Home



This Carnation gem shines with understated lighting that gracefully highlights the architectural and natural features of the property.

At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, we pride ourselves on creating a complete and immersive lighting experience that transforms properties into nighttime showcases. In the charming town of Carnation, we've recently brought to life a stunning estate with a full-circle approach to outdoor lighting. The property now boasts a tasteful blend of architectural and landscape enhancements, making evening strolls with the family pet a delightful experience. The ambiance now rivals that of a private resort, right in the comfort of home.

Upon entry through the driveway gates, visitors are greeted with discreetly placed mini well lights that trace the drive's edge, softly spotlighting the lush greenery and moss-draped stone walls. This solution not only adds beauty but also practicality, eliminating the former issue of delivery trucks damaging path lights. These mini wells also provide a gentle wash over the towering hedges, rendering the old pathway fixtures unnecessary.

The grand entrance is guarded by two majestic stone lions, now dramatically lit from below to create a seamless integration with the home's façade. Playful shadows dance across the parking area, thanks to our strategically placed steel bollards.

Our addition of elegant brass path lights along the walkways pours pools of light across the grounds, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. We've repurposed existing wiring from old in-concrete lights to avoid unnecessary repair costs, instead using it to backlight charming ceramic pots, adding an unexpected twist to the ambiance.

The property's towering trees are now adorned with 6-watt LED uplights, providing a subtle illumination that celebrates their stature without contributing to light pollution. The three distinctive water features each benefit from carefully selected submersible fixtures, which not only showcase the mesmerizing movement of the waterfalls but also cast a serene luminescence across the ponds.

A unique root sculpture stands out with its fiery lighting, creating an artistic focal point that simulates the dynamic beauty of flames.

In the private oasis of the back patio, our lighting design highlights the area's best attributes, ensuring every angle of this home is in its best light.

With our thoughtful and innovative lighting design, this residence has truly become a luminous landmark in Carnation—a testament to the transformative power of Northwest Outdoor Lighting.


Enchanted Evening: A Gateway to Garden Grandeur

A driveway leads to a private residence, with the pathway gently illuminated by small specialty lights that dot the edge, providing a guide while maintaining the natural ambiance of the setting. These particular outdoor lights are able to withstand the pressure of trucks and cars whether it be from deliver trucks or guests unfamiliar with the terrain. The warm lights spill across the textured surface of the driveway, casting soft shadows and creating a rhythmic pattern that leads the eye towards the garden and house beyond.

The surrounding foliage is artfully lit, highlighting the lush greenery with a soft luminescence that accentuates the varying shades and textures of the plants. The towering evergreens in the background stand as silent sentinels, their tips just catching the glow from below, which adds a sense of majesty and height to the scene.

To the right, a wrought iron gate stands partially open, as if inviting the viewer into a secret garden of nocturnal wonders. The lighting design here is not just functional; it's transformative, lending an air of mystery and allure to the property.

Overall, the scene is one of tranquility and refined beauty, a testament to the power of lighting in creating an atmosphere that is both secure and enchanting. It speaks to the homeowner's appreciation for detail and a desire to meld the man-made with the natural in a harmonious and respectful way.

Carnation Home-trees

Nature's Maelstrom: The Dance of Shadows and Light

The owners had a tree fall and it ended up creating a dramatic and striking art installation set against the night sky in Carnation, WA. The artwork, a complex arrangement of twisted, sinuous tree roots and limbs, seems to writhe and surge forward, as if caught in the midst of a great and silent storm. The interplay of light and shadow is masterfully executed, with spotlights strategically placed to cast an otherworldly glow that traces the contours of the wood.

The sculpture's organic forms appear almost animated in the darkness, creating a sense of movement that is both chaotic and graceful. The backdrop of the darkened trees and the rustic red of the fence behind further accentuate the pale, ghostly forms of the wood, lending a stark contrast to the scene.

This outdoor lighting approach not only showcases the intricate details and the raw beauty of the natural wood but also creates a visual spectacle that borders on the surreal. The light transforms what might be an ordinary collection of roots into a vivid expression of art, evoking emotions and stirring the imagination. It stands as a testament to the power of light in revealing the hidden beauty in natural forms and turning them into a captivating visual experience.

Carnation Home- falls design front view

Twilight Serenity: A Landscape Symphony in Light

At the heart of this serene backyard is a cascading water feature, illuminated from underneath to draw the eye to the fluidity and movement of the falling water. The immersible light reflects off the water's surface, creating a dance of shimmering highlights that contrast with the stillness of the surrounding rocks and plants.

The home itself is embraced by a gentle wash of light, emphasizing the building's architectural features without overpowering the natural environment. Windows emit a welcoming amber light, suggesting the comfort of the indoors. The interplay between the interior lights and exterior landscape lighting establishes a sense of depth and dimension.

This outdoor lighting design does more than simply reveal; it enhances and celebrates the home's place within its natural setting, creating an enchanting tableau that is as inviting as it is peaceful. It's a testament to how light, when used thoughtfully, can transform a space into an experience, inviting one to linger and appreciate the quiet beauty of the night.

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