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Landscape Lighting Benefits

If you're looking to enhance your home's exterior and create a warm and inviting ambiance, consider investing in landscape lighting today.

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Key Factors Every Seattle Landscape Lighting Designer Should Use

A skilled landscape lighting designer will take into account a variety of factors when choosing the right lights for a client's property, including the property's size, layout, and features, as well as the client's preferences and budget.

Lighting Design

Groveland Estate- fountain

Landscape lighting trends are always evolving and changing, but these are a few ideas that may gain popularity in 2023. Hiring a landscape lighting designer to assist in creating an outdoor experience can be such a helpful way to recognize and understand the nuances of your property or even understand all the possibilities you can achieve.


Summer Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting space that you can enjoy throughout the summer evenings. Whether you're dining, entertaining, relaxing, or playing games, outdoor lighting can create the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

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Creating a Seattle Stay-Cation Paradise - Northwest Outdoor Lighting's Guide to Property Enhancement Through Outdoor Lighting

Northwest Outdoor Lighting specializes in using outdoor lighting as the tool that allows us to paint this canvas of comfort, relaxation, and delight, tailored to Seattle's unique climate.

Meydenbauer Bay - View down to water

For the affluent residents of Hunts Point, dock lighting is more than a mere functional necessity; it's a statement of elegance and innovation. It ensures safe nocturnal navigation and complements the luxurious aesthetics of both the dock and yacht, mirroring the upscale lifestyle.


Illuminating the Night: The Importance of Dark Sky Lighting in the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Outdoor Lighting stands at the forefront of the Dark Sky movement in the PNW. With a deep understanding of the region's unique needs, they offer specialized lighting solutions that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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Illuminating Elegance: How Northwest Outdoor Lighting Transforms the Highlands Community in Seattle

Northwest Outdoor Lighting specializes in creating customized lighting solutions that respect and enhance the natural beauty of the Highlands.

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