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Overlake Country Club- Passageway going to entrance door
Overlake Country Club- trees
Overlake Country Club- steps
Overlake Country Club- drive entrance
Overlake Country Club- garden
Overlake Country Club- tree on the lawn
Overlake Country Club- front view
Overlake Country Club- pathway
Overlake Country Club- pergola
Overlake Country Club- steps leading to the garden

Overlake Country Club


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Illuminating matching ancient oak trees that encompass this Overlake Country Club Residence

Encompassed by a cathedral of ancient Oak trees, sits this Medina property. We placed 9-watt 40-degree uplights on the trees. The neighbors were so impressed. They called us to illuminate their matching ancient Oak trees across the street!

The outdoor dining area was designed with our special Sunset line of fixtures. These fixtures mimic the setting sun. They create a golden, warm ambiance to relax and entertain by. Petite mini spot lights mounted in the arbor highlight the back hedge. The artwork also has a mini spot light. Plus, we added uplights shining on the Hydrangea trees. Now this area is ready for company!

The driveway had old pathlights which had been driven over and damaged. We created a new design with mini well lights. This helps to uplight the plantings along the edges of the driveway. These fixtures are so durable you CAN drive over them! However, I doubt anyone will now as backing up has become much easier. Drivers can clearly see the light in their rearview mirror. This makes entering and exiting the property a breeze! The stone wall and side plantings will no longer be a hazard to drivers.

The main entrance pillars were lit with uplights. We tucked them underneath the pillars showing off the architecture and greatness of the home. The steps are illuminated with a pathlight - the new P9. This fixture tucks in behind the stair railing casting light exactly where it needs to be- on the steps!

This corner lot home now has presence on the street. There is also a welcoming feeling on the property. Not to mention the safe passage to front door and entertaining patio.

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