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At Northwest Outdoor Lighting, we don’t just install lighting; we design with awards in mind. Anyone can install a lot of lights – that’s not our goal. You can rest assured that when we propose a quality landscape lighting package, it’s always based on the possibility that it might be the next great award winner.

As members of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP), the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) and the Washington Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLDWA), we love participating in award ceremonies every year. It’s an opportunity to share our best landscape lighting designs with our peers, to learn from other professionals and commend their best efforts, and to get inspired by what our colleagues and competitors are doing!

As a result, throughout the year, whenever we are presented with properties to illuminate, we can’t help but think of the chances for each home to contend in these annual awards ceremonies. We believe it helps our clients know that they’re getting not just a lighting design that offers security and creativity, but also our commitment to the highest level of quality. We want every home we work on to have the potential to be an award-winner!

For us, an award-winning property includes interesting and unique lighting. Our job is to be creative problem-solvers, which means that we have fun and unique tools and ideas in our back pockets at all times, ready to use on behalf of our clients and their homes. Maybe a little two-by-two light can highlight a unique aspect of your property, or there’s an especially cool element to the landscape that can be illuminated by a strong uplight. Of course, the overall lighting design is of upmost importance.

Clients frequently tell us that our commitment to award-winning design – which is reflected even in our initial estimate -- is what helps us stand out. Once we share our big picture design and the way we see their property, they begin to understand our motivation. They know that we see every home as a potential award-winner, and want to bring out the best in the property. At the end of the day, we have your home’s best interests in mind!

For us it’s not about quantity of fixtures, but quality of design. Many times, we actually suggest less lighting and fewer fixtures. For example, a client may suggest installing lights in certain places and we won’t agree, thus reducing the number of fixtures. This may reduce our quote, but it may actually be best for your home. That’s our goal – to meet our client’s needs, desires and budgets. Sometimes we design properties in phases; we might see a property one way, but it takes some clients some time to see it for themselves. It’s quite fun to hear from a past client that they are ready for phase 2 or 3! We love hearing the excitement and enthusiasm in their voice; it makes us proud that we have provided something that brings them joy, and that they want more!

As we say in our mission statement, it’s our goal to meet each client’s desire for outdoor lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing yet security conscious, and at an exceptional value!

Want your very own award-winning outdoor lighting? Call us today – let’s win some awards together!

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