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Lighting that enhances the beauty, security and value of landscapes.

Bring magic and life to a garden pathway or front walkway. Pathlights provide enough beam spread to adequately make areas safe for walking without a glare in your eyes. From traditional light designs to modern and sleek, we offer various pathlight options depending on your desires and what the property is calling for.

  • Overdesigned heat sink and thermal management for longevity and consistency.
  • Dedicated LED fixtures.
  • Proprietary design-enhance and robust driver technology
  • Remarkably tight binning process. 2-step MacAdam ellipse to ensure consistent light output and no variant light.
  • Built in surge protector.
  • Field serviceable.

    • Architectural Bronze – Miami, P1-90, P11 only
    • Solid Brass – Mushroom, Tiki, Villa only
    • Stainless Aluminum – P1-90, P11 only
    • Black – Miami, P1-90, P11 only
    • 2200K very warm white
    • 2700K warm white
    • 3000K white
    • 115LM – PO only
    • 160LM – Miami, Mushroom, Tiki, Villa, P3 only
    • 230LM – P1-90, P12 only
    • 340LM – P11 only
    • 540LM – P11 only
    • 1700LM – P11 only
    • 2000LM – P3 only
    • Amber
    • Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Flood
    • 120* - PO, P12 only
    • 1W – PO only
    • 2W – Miami, Mushroom, Tiki, Villa, P1-90, P3 only
    • 3W – P11 only
    • 9W – P11 only
    • 12W – P11 only
    • 15W – P11 only


    Made in the USA and backed
    with a 5-year warranty

    Elegant. Accenting. Quality-made.


    Inspired by what you see?

    Elevate your outdoor lighting.

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