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Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence-Side pathway
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Wall Drainage
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Veranda with fire place
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Fireplace in veranda
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Hallway
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Pathway in the lawn area
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence-Stairs
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- fence
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- steps going to the entrance door
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- stairs leading to the road way
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Sidewalk
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- residence number
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- steps going to the gate entrance
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence-pond
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Basketball Court
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- veranda with fire place in the side
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- terrace with fire place and sofa
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- walkway
Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- light post

Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence



Enlightened Elegance: A Contemporary Lighting Symphony in Capitol Hill

This tri-level home, nestled in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, is a prime example of how architectural lighting can accentuate modern residential design. The home features a blend of concrete, glass, and wood, creating a contemporary aesthetic that is both warm and inviting. In the early evening hours, as captured in this photo, the use of outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the home's geometric lines and luxurious textures.

Strategically placed ground lights cast a soft glow on the concrete walls, emphasizing the raw material's texture while offering a guide along the pathway. The lighting design carefully considers the natural elements, with uplighting that beautifully highlights the branching patterns of the deciduous trees, creating a play of light and shadow that adds depth and drama to the scene.

The interior lights, visible through large glass windows, spill out onto the manicured lawn, suggesting a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Meanwhile, the upper levels of the home, including a glass-encased balcony, are subtly illuminated, respecting the home's modern lines without overpowering them.

The overall effect of the lighting installation is one of understated elegance, showcasing the architectural features of the home while ensuring functionality and security. It's a testament to how the right lighting can not only enhance the beauty of a space after sunset but also create an ambiance that is both sophisticated and welcoming.



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Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Pathway in the lawn area

Luminous Harmony: Crafting Ambiance in Capitol Hill

Welcome to a realm where light sculpts the night, creating a serene oasis in the heart of Capitol Hill. As dusk settles, the outdoor space is transformed by a series of carefully positioned lights that not only provide safety along the pathways but also enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.

Notice how the soft wash of the wall lights accentuates the texture of the concrete, bringing warmth to the material's cool tones. The uplighting beneath the trees breathes life into their branches, casting intricate shadows that dance on the wooden fence, adding depth and a touch of enchantment to the perimeter.

The pathway is a beacon of guidance with its inset lights, offering a welcoming luminescence that invites one to explore further. These lights ensure functionality without disrupting the tranquil ambiance of the setting. The overall lighting design is unobtrusive, energy-efficient, and thoughtfully integrated, ensuring that the home's aesthetic is complemented rather than overshadowed.

Whispering Waters: The Serene Welcome of Capitol Hill

As you approach the entrance of this Capitol Hill residence, you are greeted by the tranquil sounds and the gentle illumination of a cascading waterfall that sits elegantly beneath the grand picture window by the front door. There is a soothing interplay of light and water that welcomes residents and guests alike.

The waterfall is artfully backlit, creating a golden hue that radiates against the textured wall and the fluidity of the water. The lighting is intentionally soft, ensuring that it highlights the water's motion without overwhelming the senses. It provides a subtle glow that reflects on the water's surface, enhancing the peaceful ambiance and the reflective quality of the pool below.

Smooth stones can be seen beneath the clear water, adding an element of natural beauty and grounding the experience in the organic. The concrete structures around the waterfall have been designed to frame this water feature, combining the rawness of the material with the fluid grace of the water.

This setting is not just a visual experience but an auditory one as well. The gentle sound of the waterfall creates a sense of calm, offering a moment of tranquility before one even steps inside. This feature encapsulates the essence of the home's entryway: a harmonious sanctuary that sets the tone for the rest of the residence.

Capitol Hill Tri-Level Residence- Veranda with fire place

Twilight Warmth: An Elevated Retreat in Capitol Hill

As the evening sky deepens into dusk, this rooftop terrace in Capitol Hill offers a private escape with a panoramic backdrop of the urban landscape. This is a beautifully balanced outdoor space where the warmth of a modern gas fireplace becomes the focal point, casting a radiant glow on the raw concrete wall beside it. This glow not only illuminates the wall's texture but also creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages intimate gatherings and quiet reflection.

The fireplace, with its clean lines and elegant design, serves as both a visual and heat source, perfect for those crisp Seattle evenings. It is a contemporary feature that complements the home's design while providing functional outdoor heating, allowing the terrace to be enjoyed year-round.

Strategically placed lighting fixtures, such as the luminous floor stool, add to the ambiance without competing with the natural beauty of the twilight sky. They are chosen for their design and the softness of the light they emit, ensuring that the terrace remains a place of relaxation and comfort.

The terrace itself is thoughtfully laid out with large, square pavers that lead the eye across the space, while the glass railing provides an unobstructed view of the city's lights twinkling below. This outdoor haven is an extension of the home, where the interplay of light and architecture invites residents to unwind in the embrace of the evening.

Illuminating Excellence: A Testimonial of Vision and Collaboration

The results are fantastic - it takes a great eye to do more than just throw light..

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Illuminating Excellence: A Testimonial of Vision and Collaboration

Great experience from start to finish.

It's not just about the "what" - but the "how"!

The results are fantastic - it takes a great eye to do more than just throw light and Craig and Mary bring the goods. They were able to see how the house would look during the bid processes - in broad daylight! Ultimately - there were almost no modifications or changes from Craig's original vision. His enthusiasm for the design was contagious - it came out great.

Equally important - Craig and Mary were a pleasure to work with. The planning processes was friendly and clear; Mary is responsive and easy to work with. She went the extra mile in helping us secure an electrician for the project. Finally time for install and Craig was very easy to have around - attentive, respectful, and friendly. He had his installation plan - and went to work - but I felt in-the-loop all along the way. The project took about a week and to be frank, I missed Craig and Max's arrival the next day after the job was complete.

I have high confidence this job was done well and that the only time I'll really need to get in touch with them is when we decide to do "phase 2!"

Highly recommend. - Noah

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