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Cottage Lake Home- driveway
Cottage Lake Home- front yard
Cottage Lake Home-  tree with the trim plant
Cottage Lake Home- driveway to the gate
Cottage Lake Home- road area
Cottage Lake Home-  roof design
Cottage Lake Home- access way to front door
Cottage Lake Home-  pathway to the garden

Cottage Lake Home



Complex and rewarding work in progress for new homeowners in Woodinville

A young couple, first-time homebuyers, chose to light this property in phases. We have completed two phases of design work, with more phases yet to complete. The property features a grand entrance through gates to a home that truly takes your breath away. This was a technically complicated install, as lights had to be added to the home’s soffit due to issues stemming from the nature of the concrete. (Basically, we had to light the home from above rather than below!)

Cottage Lake Home- driveway to the gate

Luminous Gateway: The Art of Illuminated Elegance in Woodinville's Cottage Lake

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Woodinville's Cottage Lake neighborhood, an enchanting driveway beckons, a prelude to the majesty that lies beyond its stately gates. As if by the hands of masterful artists, Northwest Outdoor Lighting has transformed this entrance into a captivating tableau, marrying light and nature in a delicate dance of illumination.

The journey begins at the gate, where stone columns rise, bearing the weight of wrought iron with an effortless grace. At their base, uplights cast a gentle glow, their beams playing amongst the protruding stones, creating a dramatic interplay of light and shadow that whispers of the craftsmanship of yesteryear.

Flanking this regal entrance, a procession of budding trees stands sentinel, each tender sapling graced with its own uplight, a guardian to guide one's passage along the newly minted landscape. These lights, like ethereal caretakers, cradle the fledgling branches in a soft luminescence, promising growth and beauty in the seasons to come.

The rustic charm of a wooden fence meanders along the property's edge, a testament to the classic allure that is Woodinville's signature. It's within this picturesque boundary that the scene unfolds into a grander scale, where towering poplars rise like the masts of ships ready to sail the skies. Outfitted with strategic outdoor lighting, their broad limbs become a stage for the evening's performance, each leaf and twig illuminated to celebrate their majestic stature.

This is not just a driveway; it is an overture to the symphony of opulence that awaits within. Here, Northwest Outdoor Lighting has not merely installed fixtures; they have woven a narrative of light, a story that begins with the promise of discovery at the gated threshold and continues into the heart of this Woodinville haven.

Cottage Lake Home-  pathway to the garden

Phase One Illumination: Crafting a Luminous Entrance

In the heart of Woodinville's Cottage Lake, a residence unfolds its first chapter of outdoor illumination with a captivating entrance that marries functionality with rustic charm. The back entrance, a scenic passage to the garage, is nestled within a circular driveway—a harmonious blend of utility and aesthetics. The walkway, an architectural marvel, features beams that glow softly from within the soffit, each beam bathed in a gentle light that cascades downwards, creating a dance of shadows that play upon the rustic textures below.

This initial phase of lighting design introduces a subtle, yet profound, transformation to the property. It hints at the potential for what is yet to come, with the walkway and backyard standing as serene canvases awaiting their next brushstroke of light. The absence of outdoor lights in these areas is not overlooked but rather intentional, a strategic pause in a broader vision that awaits future phases. This deliberate choice speaks to the homeowner's commitment to evolving their space with thoughtful consideration, planning further enhancements as circumstances allow.

As it stands, this entrance is not just a path to the garage but a testament to the power of light to transform and elevate the ordinary into something truly extraordinary. It sets the stage for future developments, promising that with each subsequent phase, the property will further reveal its luminous potential, becoming a beacon of design and ingenuity in the landscape of Woodinville.

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