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Cottage Lake Home- driveway
Cottage Lake Home- front yard
Cottage Lake Home-  tree with the trim plant
Cottage Lake Home- driveway to the gate
Cottage Lake Home- road area
Cottage Lake Home-  roof design
Cottage Lake Home- access way to front door
Cottage Lake Home-  pathway to the garden

Cottage Lake Home



Complex and rewarding work in progress for new homeowners in Woodinville

A young couple, first-time homebuyers, chose to light this property in phases. We have completed two phases of design work, with more phases yet to complete. The property features a grand entrance through gates to a home that truly takes your breath away. This was a technically complicated install, as lights had to be added to the home’s soffit due to issues stemming from the nature of the concrete. (Basically, we had to light the home from above rather than below!)

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