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Lake Stevens Walp 2016- Front yard
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-pathway side of the house
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-pathway going to the entrance door
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-trees
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-pathway going to the sea
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-seaview
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-fence wall
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-tree near fence
Lake Stevens Walp 2016-fountain with tiger design

Lake Stevens Residence

Lake Stevens


Gardens and landscaping create award-winning breathtaking views at Lake Stevens residence

Homeowner, Linda, has commented numerous times how lovely it is to come home at night to a well-lit yard. From the moment you enter the gate, you are greeted with warm ambient light in the plantings and garden path.

The time spent investing in landscaping is now enjoyed throughout the evening even though she’s inside. The view out the various windows gives her different vignettes that take your breath away! Linda’s favorite is the bear catching a Salmon for dinner fresh out of the stream.

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