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Laurelhurst property- railings near lawn
Laurelhurst property- lawn
Laurelhurst property- pathway in the side of lawn
Laurelhurst property- Statue of Budha
Laurelhurst property- light fixture
Laurelhurst property- extended living room
Laurelhurst property- driveway to the entrance

Laurelhurst Property



Spectacular views for hosting with a minimalist design at Laurelhurst property in Seattle

Overlooking Lake Washington, this charming Laurelhurst home offers spectacular views and frequently hosts gatherings. The homeowner desired a welcoming ambiance that subtly complemented the home's architecture without drawing attention away from its elegance. Our outdoor lighting design embraced a minimalist approach, focusing on creating inviting spaces for guests to gather.

For the second-story balcony, where most hosting occurs, we added Firefly Twinkle lights to enhance the immersive atmosphere. By utilizing a variety of advanced lighting fixtures, we matched the Kelvin tones perfectly, ensuring a consistent and harmonious glow throughout the property. The result is a beautifully illuminated home that invites warmth and hospitality.

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