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Laurelhurst property- railings near lawn
Laurelhurst property- lawn
Laurelhurst property- pathway in the side of lawn
Laurelhurst property- Statue of Budha
Laurelhurst property- light fixture
Laurelhurst property- extended living room
Laurelhurst property- driveway to the entrance

Laurelhurst Property



Spectacular views for hosting with a minimalist design at Laurelhurst property in Seattle

Overlooking Lake Washington, this charming home with spectacular views often hosts gatherings on the property. Without drawing attention away from the architecture of the home or creating a detailed and fancy design, the homeowner wanted an aesthetic that created a welcoming environment for all who walked through his gates. Our outdoor lighting design was minimalist and simplistic; our attention was focused on creating outdoor atmospheres where guests would congregate. Since most of his hosting is done on the second story balcony, we added Firefly Twinkle lights for an extra immersive effect. Due to the varying lights we used on this property and the progressive technology they possess, we were able to match the Calvin tones to create a uniform glow.

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