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Medina Home- driveway to entrance door
Medina Home-driveway leading to main road
Medina Home-entrance door
Medina Home- garage gate
Medina Home-pathway to lawn
Medina Home-front yard
Medina Home-pathway in the side of the house
Medina Home- Alleyway on the side of the house
Medina Home- guest area
Medina Home- lawn with dining table
Medina Home- relaxation area
Medina Home- hallway

Medina Home



Creating that “welcome home feeling” at Medina Park home

It is a great honor when past clients want us to illuminate their new homes with landscape lighting. Missing their gorgeously lit residence in Sammamish, they quickly called us to consult on their new home design. We wanted to create that "welcome home feeling" for when they arrive home or from their travels afar. Our outdoor lighting design didn't interrupt the aesthetics of the boxwood hedges yet still lit the pathway in the front yard. We gave the children an opportunity to get rid of the nighttime wiggles with an illuminated trampoline. But of all the areas this home provides, we especially love the outdoor patio area. It’s welcoming and inviting with a touch of comfort and twinkle without being overbearing or in your face.

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