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Monroe Home

Monroe, WA


Picture Perfect Home

Tucked into the charming Parkhaven Community, this picture-perfect home desired a lighting design that would make it stand out from the rest. The homeowners, eager to host a memorable holiday party, wanted to ensure their guests could fully enjoy the beautifully landscaped backyard. With this goal in mind, we approached the project in two phases, prioritizing the design and installation of the backyard lighting to be completed before the event.

During our evening demonstration, the homeowners carefully selected well lights in a warm 2700 Kelvin temperature. These lights were strategically installed on all three sides of the backyard, creating a seamless flow of illumination that enhanced the entire outdoor space. The subtle, yet effective lighting not only highlights the landscape's natural beauty but also provides a welcoming and inviting ambiance for guests.

To add a touch of whimsy and create a captivating focal point, we incorporated our designer bollard into the corner of the patio. This unique fixture not only adds a playful element but also contributes to the overall lighting scheme, casting a soft, enchanting glow that enhances the patio’s atmosphere.

The result is a backyard that not only meets the functional needs of hosting evening gatherings but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the entire property. The warm, consistent lighting throughout the backyard creates a harmonious environment, perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing in the evening. This project stands as a testament to Northwest Outdoor Lighting's commitment to creating customized lighting solutions that blend functionality with artistic design.

Mary Peterson
Craig Peterson
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Quantity of Fixtures


Focal Point Intrigue

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Clear Paths

Since the side entrance to the backyard is a narrow pathway, we decided to mount our micro deck light on the fence which provides plenty of light to the walkway but does not impede the pathway. These same micro deck lights were also mounted on the beams to the patio to illuminate the steps. Installation of these fixtures in tricky areas is one of our specialties! Many of our customers are hard-pressed trying to figure out how these lights get wired.


We Love Our Pets

The dog even has his own side yard with a light on a switch so you can see where Fido is when it’s pitch black out!


Completing a Job in Phases

Shortly after the back was installed, the homeowner called to have his front landscape lights installed to system. During the initial consultation, we planned the transformer to handle this addition and did not need a second transformer. Communication between the client and designer was extremely important here and there were clear expectations regarding what the client wanted. 

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