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Sammamish Plateau- Pathway to main door
Sammamish Plateau- Lounge
Sammamish Plateau-ponds in the lawn
Sammamish Plateau-garden near the steps
Sammamish Plateau-stairs going up
Sammamish Plateau-path going to the main door
Sammamish Plateau-path leading to the lounge
Sammamish Plateau-garden in the front view
Sammamish Plateau-Basketball court
Sammamish Plateau-main door
Sammamish Plateau-relaxation area
Sammamish Plateau-mid level garden
Sammamish Plateau- front entrance
Sammamish Plateau-trees

Sammamish Plateau



Magically evenings ahead for this family residence in the Sammamish Plateau

This beautiful property in Sammamish showcases the transformative power of expertly designed outdoor lighting. Our design focused on enhancing the stonework and architectural features, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that highlights the property’s unique charm.

To ensure the driveway is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, we installed recessed well lights along its edge. These lights provide subtle demarcation and uplight the plantings, creating a seamless blend of light and landscape. This approach eliminates concerns about hitting pathlights or obstructions, as the recessed well lights are safely integrated into the design.

In the backyard, we focused on creating peaceful family gathering areas accented with rockery lights and uplighting on the trees. The warm glow from these lights enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings, making it an inviting space for evening gatherings. The fire pit area, highlighted with strategically placed lights, becomes a focal point, encouraging relaxation and socializing under the stars.

This project is a testament to our commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The carefully placed lighting fixtures not only enhance the safety and accessibility of the property but also create a magical ambiance that the homeowners and their guests can enjoy for many evenings to come.

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