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Sammamish Plateau- Pathway to main door
Sammamish Plateau- Lounge
Sammamish Plateau-ponds in the lawn
Sammamish Plateau-garden near the steps
Sammamish Plateau-stairs going up
Sammamish Plateau-path going to the main door
Sammamish Plateau-path leading to the lounge
Sammamish Plateau-garden in the front view
Sammamish Plateau-Basketball court
Sammamish Plateau-main door
Sammamish Plateau-relaxation area
Sammamish Plateau-mid level garden
Sammamish Plateau- front entrance
Sammamish Plateau-trees

Sammamish Plateau



Magically evenings ahead for this family residence in the Sammamish Plateau

Beautiful stonework and architectural features highlight this property in Sammamish. Recessed well lights along the driveway edge provide subtle driveway demarcation and uplight the plantings along the edge of the driveway. No worries with hitting pathlights or obstructions when recessed well lighting is applied to the design.

Peaceful family gathering areas subtly accented with rockery lights and uplighting on trees. Magically evenings ahead.

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