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The Falls at Snohomish Cascade

HOA Community


HOA brings magic and wonder to corner entrance

What was once a dark and dreary corner has been transformed into a stunning gateway that highlights the natural and cultural beauty of the region. The cascading waterfall, gracefully descending over rocks and boulders, creates a serene and inviting ambiance. This feature is complemented by a stately totem pole crafted by the Snohomish people, serving as a monumental art piece that reminds passersby of the rich heritage and history that exists in the valley.

To enhance these features, we installed 6-watt LED uplights that bring focus and a sense of pride to the community. The uplights highlight the textures and colors of the waterfall and totem pole, ensuring that these elements are visible and striking even after the sun sets. This thoughtful illumination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the entrance but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. The transformation of this area has turned it into a landmark that the community can be proud of, showcasing the beauty and cultural significance of The Falls at Snohomish.


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    The Falls at Snomish Cascade- falls

    A series of waterfalls trickle into a pond

    To showcase the beauty and splendor of the water feature, we placed wall washers throughout the garden to create an overwhelming effect of grandness. While photos don’t show its grandeur, this cascading fall is 20 feet high.

    The Falls at Snomish Cascade- path to the falls

    Highlighting Community Pride

    While it may not look like a lot of lights, we used half a dozen varying lights on the HOA sign and totem poles alone. We wanted to capture the height of the totem poles but also make sure the sign was illuminated with maximum brightness. Our LED integrated fixtures have made the corner of Snohomish Cascade Drive warm and welcoming.

    The Falls at Snomish Cascade-trees near the falls

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