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Tumble Creek Residence

Cle Elum, WA


Whispering Pines Retreat: A Luxurious Fusion of Light and Nature at Tumble Creek

The Tumble Creek neighborhood in Suncadia Resort, nestled in the Cle Elum area near the majestic Cascade Mountains, serves as the idyllic backdrop for this beautifully lit landscape. 

The lighting design is skillfully executed to complement the natural beauty of the Cascades and the upscale rustic charm unique to Tumble Creek properties.

As evening descends upon the Cascade Mountains, the residence comes to life with a warm, inviting glow. Each beam of light is thoughtfully placed to enhance the textures of the timber construction and the natural splendor of the surrounding conifers. The driveway is subtly illuminated, providing a welcoming path that blends seamlessly into the tranquility of Tumble Creek. 

The design creates an intimate space where the gentle crackle of the fire pit invites cozy gatherings and storytelling under the open sky. Each light casts a delicate pattern on the natural stone pathway, guiding visitors through the verdant flora that thrives in this mountain retreat. The garden is a tapestry of texture and color, illuminated to highlight each plant's unique features while the flickering flames dance, providing a dynamic contrast to the stillness of the evening.

This landscape lighting design encapsulates the essence of luxury mountain living in Suncadia's Tumble Creek community. It offers a sanctuary where the splendor of the Cascades is celebrated, ensuring that the homeowners can savor the picturesque views and peaceful ambiance from dusk till dawn. 

Harmonious Illumination: Balancing Luxury and Security in Landscape Lighting

The circular drive is graced with a subtle radiance that suggests both luxury and safety, ensuring a majestic but secure entry experience. The outdoor lighting not only showcases the beauty of the home's exterior but also seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, providing a delicate balance that celebrates both man-made structure and the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Enchanted Evenings: Artful Illumination in a Mountain Garden

Strategically placed ground lights cast a dappled glow on the stone path, leading one's gaze through the verdant tableau of native plants and trees. The lighting design is both intentional and subtle, creating a serene atmosphere that highlights the soft foliage of the evergreens and the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape. A unique, ornamental light fixture serves as a focal point, its pattern casting intricate shadows that contribute to the mystical charm of the space.

The bench, nestled among the greenery and warmly lit, offers a restful spot for contemplation under the stars. This carefully curated outdoor setting illustrates how light can be used to enhance the natural contours of the land, inviting homeowners and guests alike to a nightly sojourn into the beauty of the Cascade Mountains. It is a testament to the artistry of landscape lighting, where every beam adds to the narrative of luxurious mountain living.

Alpine Glow: Crafting Intimate Gatherings with Landscape Lighting

Northwest Outdoor Lighting unveils an outdoor experience that marries the allure of alpine serenity with the magic of light. Here, the glow from the fire pit casts a welcoming aura over the gathering space, while subtle landscape lighting illuminates the surrounding foliage, creating an intimate amphitheater under the night sky.

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