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Tuscany Woodinville- Front view
Tuscany Woodinville- lawn
Tuscany Woodinville-trees
Tuscany Woodinville-steps to entrance
Tuscany Woodinville-mid level garden
Tuscany Woodinville-sidewalk
Tuscany Woodinville- garden with grill design
Tuscany Woodinville-bench
Tuscany Woodinville-steps leading up to the lawn
Tuscany Woodinville-outdoor dining
Tuscany Woodinville-garden with dining table
Tuscany Woodinville- back patio

Tuscany Woodinville Home



Secluded Tuscany residence in Woodinville has an upgraded expansion to emphasis property features

A secluded residence in the Tuscany neighborhood of Woodinville, this home had already been serviced with outdoor lights which needed repair. The previous lighting designer was unable to respond to the client’s requests for service, and so the homeowner contacted Northwest. Initially contacted just to repair the lights, Northwest was not only able to provide the client with new lights, but as a result of our skills and expertise able to work with the client to light new areas of the property and change and expand the overall lighting design, including lighting the water feature, fire pit, garden art, and other strategic areas of the property.

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