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Woodinville AOLP- lawn
Woodinville AOLP- garden
Woodinville AOLP- Drive entrance
Woodinville AOLP-steps front entrance
Woodinville AOLP- flowers
Woodinville AOLP- pot plant
Woodinville AOLP- pathway leading to the patio
Woodinville AOLP-mid level garden
Woodinville AOLP- pathway to the lawn
Woodinville AOLP-garden
Woodinville AOLP- dining area
Woodinville AOLP-lawn

Woodinville Home



Award-winning warm and welcoming ambiance at a beautiful Woodinville home

This $3.5 m home sits on just over 1.25 acres. We were hired to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to this large home and property. We started by highlighting the 26 pillars which line the front and back porch and patio. With petite fixtures and custom-made shields, we added just enough light to illuminate without being too obtrusive. We then highlighted the many plantings around the property. Tall evergreens and Magnolias along with rose bushes and hydrangeas each have a special light to either draw your attention up or to glow light through. The paved driveway has multiple mini well lights along the edge which allow drivers to not drive onto the grass. The well lights also shine light up the stone façade of garages.

One of the many challenging parts of this project was climbing into the small crawl spaces to wire the pillar lights. Of course, spending numerous hours picking up the driveway pavers to imbed the cable and mini will lights was a challenge, too!

Overall, our client is beyond thrilled with her new look and is eager for us to create the same ambiance at her vacation home in Montana.

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