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Ballard Residence - View from front lawn
Ballard Residence- flowers near the steps
Ballard Residence-terrace with sea view
Ballard Residence-balcony with chairs
Ballard Residence-pathway leading to the sea
Ballard Residence-bench near the sea view
Ballard Residence-front yard
Ballard Residence-garden
Ballard Residence-door step
Ballard Residence-lawn with sea view
Ballard Residence-stairs going to lawn
Ballard Residence-front yard
Ballard Residence-pathway with sea view

Ballard Residence



Enlightened Ballard Vistas: A Preemptive Collaboration in Landscape Lighting Design

This Ballard waterfront home is a masterpiece of landscape integration and outdoor lighting design, brought to life by Northwest Outdoor Lighting. The home's presence is magnified at twilight, with a lighting design that not only provides safety and security but also enhances the natural beauty of the property. The landscape design and installation by Judson Sullivan of Cultivar are brought to life under the evening sky. Gentle illumination graces the architectural features, casting a warm glow on the stone and woodwork, while uplighting transforms the trees into dramatic features against the evening sky. The lighting plan respects the home's unique location, with each fixture purposefully positioned to balance the interplay between light and the waterfront's natural charm.

Collaborating with the client and the landscape architect proved to be a delightful experience for our team, as it afforded us the opportunity to strategically lay out and install wiring before the finalization of any permanent surfaces.


Mary Peterson


Craig Peterson

Ballard Residence-bench near the sea view

Harmonious Evening Ambience: Strategic Illumination by Northwest Outdoor Lighting

The lighting system designed creates an intimate and serene evening setting, with each luminary carefully positioned by Northwest Outdoor Lighting to enhance the garden's night-time appeal. Path lights gently outline the walkway, drawing a line of warmth through the cool tones of the evening, while the soft glow on the bench and fire pit invites quiet moments of reflection against the backdrop of the expansive waterfront views.

Control from Your Phone

Seamless Integration of Modern Automation and Traditional Control in Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor lighting system for this Ballard property is at the forefront of home automation, offering both convenience and control. Through a sophisticated cell phone app, the homeowner can effortlessly manage the lighting, adjusting the ambiance to suit any occasion with just a few taps. Complementing this modern approach, the client also desired the tactile functionality of a traditional switch within the home, providing a dual system of control that marries the classic with the contemporary. This integration ensures that whether through the app or a physical switch, the transition between different lighting scenes is both seamless and intuitive, reflecting the client's wish for both high-tech convenience and conventional ease.

Ballard Residence-lawn with sea view

Illuminated Elegance: Garden Beds Aglow on the Waterfront

The careful illumination not only showcases the sweeping grasses and meticulously arranged garden beds but also harmonizes with the property's overall aesthetic, enhancing its connection to the serene Ballard waterfront. The lighting design respects and amplifies Sullivan's vision, ensuring that the landscape's beauty is visible and inviting at all hours.


Pathway to Serenity: The Outbuilding's Guiding Lights

Soft lighting gently cascades down the building's steps, ensuring safe passage, while the warm glow from within invites intrigue. The surrounding plant life is delicately illuminated, emphasizing the textures and forms of the garden, and creating a picturesque frame that leads the viewer's gaze towards the main house, aglow with warmth against the twilight sky.

Ballard Residence-balcony with chairs

Twilight Harmony: Deck Lighting Perfected for Waterfront Views

From the vantage point of the main home's deck, the outdoor lighting design by Northwest Outdoor Lighting serves as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic sensitivity. The deck lighting is seamlessly integrated, with no wiring in sight, preserving the clean lines of the deck rails and the unobstructed views of the waterfront. The lights are installed at an ideal height, ensuring that whether one is standing or sitting, the illumination enhances the ambiance without any glare disturbing the gaze, allowing the residents and guests to comfortably enjoy the panoramic views at any hour.

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